Thursday, May 3, 2012

How This Movie Was Made!

Here is a link to the video on Vimeo:

First step:
1) Downloaded all High-Resolutions Time-lapse Sequences from:
High Resolution images courtesy of The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. The Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center

Original Image:

2) Imported each folder into Adobe Lightroom.

For example from the Image Set from: "Down the Persian Gulf at Night"
Imported images were tweaked a bit to enhance images, colors:

 These images were then cropped to make the atmosphere line a prominent part of the image.

 Image was then rotated to adjust the orientation of the earth.

This crop/orientation was then "Synced" with the rest of the images from that series and exported.

These images were then imported to iMovie and edited for speed, length etc before adding titles and music.


  1. Would it be possible to post up a highdef version of this video? If you're worried about bandwidth, possibly use bittorrent?

  2. Sorry, I've tried my best, but it seems I'm a bit slow or something.. Where's the movie right now? low-res or otherwise? Can't find any movies on this blog, aside from the description of the Aurora from the univ. of Oslo.

    Otherwise, thanks for all the hard work, very informative and entertaining, congrats :)